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about me

about me

i have a beard and an awesome girlfriend who loves me.

like half mexican and half spanish, I'm a semi-pro taco eating warrior and bullfighting hater.

i’m licensed to design anything exept underwear (don't ask)

graduated at the iuem entitled by uaem university in méxico,

and a master in web engineering at the university of oviedo spain.

you cand find me almost everywhere as "melolonta".

my life so far has been like...


and that’s the story of me....

graphic / web designer

about me

i love working in the creativity field because it keeps the world moving forward.

and very proud of it, how many logos do you see in one day? can you count them? yes, graphic design is present your whole life.

i like simple concepts and i’m well trained in the deadly arts of graphic design.

i do professional graphic / web design projects and that's what I do best.

logo design, print and editorial, tipography, animation, branding, illustration and more.

wide experience in , front end development and psd to html / css.


OMG!!, high!, med, in progress

Graphic design

photoshop, flash, illustrator, dreamweaver, indesign, premiere, after effects, 3dsmx

opensource tools

gimp, aptana, inkscape, scribus, blender


HTML, CSS, PHP, action script, javascript, jquery

here's some examples of my skills

and my


vew all the projects

thank you for stopping by....


about me

one of my most loved hobbies is experimental photography

i’m no big deal, but the mighty punctum gives me the oportunity to

watch the world with a filter of awesomeness.

featured image


the complete gallery here

we're almost done....


about me

so.. yeah i write a blog with random stuff

check it out and leave some comments

some thoughts about graphic design, research, tutorials and fun!

well this is awkward but i'm using my blog for...

some other classified stuff but it will be online soon

meanwhile some random stuff here

and now that’s really it, see you and thanks for....

i like stuff

about me


about me